Darkest Dungeon Curios: Cannot be vaccinated through flashlight, Drinkable water cleanup now eliminates a negative quirk Rather than stress.

Employs the Exact Same art as the curio formerly called 'Old One Statue' An alteration was into the Fish Idol, which has changed its consequences that are non-cleansing.

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2015-09-30 - It has been some time! Changes were integrated. A couple of curio modifications the area curios were inserted.

Currently found in most areas, not only Warrens

Total non-cleansing loot proportions transformed 2015-05-28 - Construct 8855 changes have been integrated. Curio alterations that are present:

Darkest Dungeon Curios


Something often overlooked by new gamers is that iterating using a curio will quite often prompt you for a product to utilize it, instead of just working the curio. ----------------------
Seems to be pursuit related. Cleansing looks as if it summons some sort of monster.

Curios to this area have been inserted

Infection is currently no more arbitrary. It would appear that just one curio was added to the match - The Ancestor's Knapsack. For many of you producing your way throughout the Darkest Dungeon, allow me to know exactly what the story is (I am just going to begin on a new save file so that it'll be some time before I get there).

Percentages into non-cleansing benefits have been altered

Sacrificial Stone

Infection is currently no more arbitrary. 100% likelihood of Dark Plague

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Makeshift Dining Table

Cannot be deciphered via firewood

Additionally, a brand new curio has been added: It has been noted that classes have various interactions with curios than classes.

Just as a curio in this manual might possess a recorded (or unfamiliar) purpose, please do not be scared to continue to experiment to find out whether you're able to find anything new!

Failing when prompted to utilize a product will yield effects, with a few curios having more dire consequences.

Percentages are calculated based upon the value of their values recorded in curioscurio_type_library. Csv on your Darkest Dungeon folder.

Additionally, a huge shout out to nepomucq and everybody else over with this thread for getting the ball rolling with this. I am only here to include the images :P

Darkest Dungeon Curios

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